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Depression is so insidious and pervasive.  When I see a patient for the first time I ask about their medical history: lung and heart problems, seizures, kidney disease AND anxiety and depression. It is that common. . . and that … Continue reading

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Is the (pharmaceutical) grass greener?

Is newer or more expensive better? I do not necessarily think so.  While in training I was given the advice to not be the first physician prescribing a drug, nor the last.  There is some wisdom in that.  Our society … Continue reading

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Vaginal bleeding. . . not routine dinner conversation. . .

I am asked routinely how to help decrease vaginal bleeding.   Every woman bleeds a different amount.  It is only concerning when it becomes a social problem or when the amount changes significantly.    When a teen starts to have a … Continue reading

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Pelvic pain in women

I care for a lot of women.  Many present with pelvic pain.  This is a challenging diagnosis because symptoms and signs are vague and hard to tease out.  I was taught to always rule out the urgent life-threatening conditions first. Ectopic … Continue reading

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