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Tales from the hospital newborn rounds… how to educate about breastfeeding?

Tales from the hospital newborn rounds… how to educate about breastfeeding? I love breastfeeding questions.  I helped educate both medical students and new mothers this week about breastfeeding while on newborn hospital rounds.  Here are some of the questions (and … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes…

Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes… This is not new news, as my children are now teenagers…and this was known then. What is new is the percentage DROP in incidence of diabetes in mothers who breastfed per JAMA Internal Medicine. … Continue reading

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Does your tongue-tied baby need it cut?

Probably not.  There are three reasons to cut a tongue-tied infant’s tongue: difficulty with speech, or with feeding, or due to cosmetic reasons (imagine heart-shaped tongue). There is no evidence that there is improved latching for breastfeeding after frenotomy (cutting … Continue reading

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Babies need extra Vitamin D.

To prevent rickets and vitamin D deficiency in healthy infants and children, 200 international units (IU) of vitamin D is needed daily. Who needs this?  All breastfed infants unless they are weaned to at least be drinking 500 mL per … Continue reading

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Why breastfeed?

Too many reasons to list. . . but I’ll try. Benefits for mother: increased physical closeness with baby, decreased risk of breast cancer, decreased risk of ovarian cancer, decreased risk of endometrial cancer, less blood loss after birth which may … Continue reading

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Multivitamins: Do young children need them? –

I was asked recently to comment on if multivitamins are needed for children. “The run-of-the-mill child who is thriving does not require a multivitamin,”  says Dr. Jatinder Bhatia, chair of the AAP’s committee on nutrition.   There are a few sets of patients … Continue reading

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Got an itch? Your doctor should be asking some of the following questions. . .

If you are itching, there is more to the story.  There are other parts to the history and physical to investigate. Any new cosmetics or creams? They can cause allergic contact dermatitis, hives or even sensitivity to the sun. New … Continue reading

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