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PMS is real and if you have it (or live with someone with it) it can be really disturbing to everyone.  What is it? How can we treat it?  Read on. . . PMS is premenstrual syndrome.  It occurs the … Continue reading

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Pregnant ladies. Have you come in for your flu vaccine yet?

It’s not too late for the flu vaccine for this year!  The flu vaccine in pregnancy has been shown to benefit both the pregnant woman and the fetus in a few different ways. Duke University did a study of 1600+ women showing those who … Continue reading

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Update: post-herpetic neuralgia

A better phrase for this is post-herpes (shingles) nerve-pain. Awful. Unrelenting. Who gets this? How to make it better? The main risk factor for postherpetic neuralgia is increasing age. People under 50 have long-term pain rarely. Those who are 60-65 … Continue reading

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Rear-facing car seat until age 2? Why? Really?

Some parents question the importance of keeping a child in a car seat rear-facing until age 2. Here are the reasons and some hints to make this more palatable for both you and your child. The American Academy of Pediatrics … Continue reading

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Need another reason to stop smoking?

There is a strong connection between smoking and getting bladder cancer. The researchers can’t go as far as to say that smoking CAUSES bladder cancer. But, they do state that smoking accounts for 50% of the “population-attributable risk” for bladder … Continue reading

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Pink eye

I have seen a few pink eyes this week. Funny, huh? SEEN pink eye. Get it? Pink eye is called conjunctivitis. It is usually caused by a mild infection. Most are caused by a virus, but can also be caused … Continue reading

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Sometimes too much of a good thing is just TOO MUCH

A new study shows Vitamin E may RAISE the risk of prostate cancer.  35,000 men were enrolled in a study that was followed for 5 ½ years.  Those taking  400 IU per day of Vitamin E had a 17% increase … Continue reading

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Actually, heartburn doesn’t involve the heart, but it DOES burn.  You may have symptoms of burning in the lower chest or a bitter/acidic taste in the mouth. It is caused when acid from the stomach goes upward (the wrong way) … Continue reading

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Testimonial from a patient.

Thank you Dr. Greenberg! This is Brian Wheeler.   I wanted to express my (and my wife Stacey’s) sincere thanks to you for helping us bring our first child (boy, Liam) into this world.  You have been a very important rock … Continue reading

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SIDS. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

An obstetrical patient of mine asked me to post a blog about newborns.  Here’s an important subject.  SIDS death risk has decreased in recent years . . .but treatment of SIDS has caused other problems with infants to increase.  The … Continue reading

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