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Fiber. The holy grail?

Fiber is a simple and cheap intervention which can help with a whole host of problems. The recommended amount of daily dietary fiber is 20-35 grams. Total dietary fiber is a combination of both insoluble (the kind you can’t break … Continue reading

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HPV vaccine does not cause riskier behavior

HPV vaccine has not shown to increase teen girls sexual activity or to engage in riskier sexual practices. The researchers examined two risk perceptions: did the participants feel they still needed to practice safer sex after the HPV vaccine and … Continue reading

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Obesity and stillbirths–the connection

Obesity is not benign. I recently read a study performed over 8 years which showed that almost 20% of stillbirths (babies born dead) occurred in obese females. The study has a database of nearly 3 million births and it was … Continue reading

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Beware: a flash of anger may cause a heart attack or stroke.

There have been few studies exploring the link between short bouts of anger and cardiovascular events (in the hours following the outburst), but the evidence is consistently showing a direct relationship. There were nine independent studies which when combined showed … Continue reading

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Should you take zinc to help ward off or treat colds?

Maybe. Zinc may help decrease the duration of a cold, but not the severity of symptoms. The studies show that the mean difference in reduction of duration as 1 day. Zinc is included in almost all over-the-counter daily vitamins and … Continue reading

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