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Cradle cap?!

Oh my!  Many parents bring in their babies with a thick, scaly crust on their head.  This is usually cradle cap.  The fancy (medical) name for this is seborrheic dermatitis.    The scaling, redness, and itching occurs most often on the … Continue reading

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Nausea medicines: Many causes and different solutions

Nausea.  This is a common symptom.  It can be treated by a variety of medicines. Nausea and vomiting are mediated by three neurotransmitter pathways: visceral stimulation releases dopamine and serotonin; vestibular and central nervous system activation release histamine and acetylcholine; … Continue reading

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Infantile hemangiomas

Often a baby is born with a little red dot and then within a few weeks that dot has transformed into a large vascular lesion.  This occurs in 5% of births.  They are called infantile hemangiomas.  Usually they appear by … Continue reading

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Three HPV vaccine types to choose from…

There are three HPV vaccines.  The vaccines cover a different number of HPV subtypes: One of them covers for two , one with four and the newest one that covers NINE subtypes.   The 9 subtype vaccine offers a small advantage over the quadrivalent (4) vaccine.  The added … Continue reading

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Free medical care at the Med School!

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