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IUD insertions are on the rise. Thank President Trump for this…

Here’s an interesting article about the response to the uncertainty of women’s contraception coverage under President Trump.  I can attest to the increase in long-acting reversible contraception (like IUDs and Nexplanons) insertions since the election. Interested?  Read on…

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Are you a woman with fibroids?

  Are you a woman with fibroids?  What are they?  Why do you have them?  What can you do about them? Fibroids are a common benign neoplasm.  They are more common in older women and African American women.  In fact, … Continue reading

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RSV bronchiolitis. Diagnosis and treatment

RSV bronchiolitis.  I’ve seen lots of bronchiolitis in the hospital recently. Diagnosis and treatment.  Does your infant or young child have a hacking cough?  It may be respiratory syncytial virus or RSV. Most patients present with two to four days … Continue reading

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Brag post: is one of the top 100 healthcare blogs of 2016 !

Brag post: is one of the top 100 healthcare blogs of 2016 ! Wow!  How did I miss this? I have truly enjoyed being a physician and an educator.  My goal is to both educate myself and my patients. … Continue reading

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