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When should you take your high blood pressure medicine? Does timing matter?

Maybe so!  If you take blood pressure medication, you may receive more benefit if you take at least one of the pills  at bedtime. Taking the medication at bedtime was associated with lower diabetes risk.  This was based on a … Continue reading

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Should doctors write prescriptions for non-patients?

I recently was asked to write a prescription a controlled substance (like pain pill/ sleeping pill) for a non-patient.  This was my first time in 20 years of doctoring to address this.  I said “no” gently, but firmly.   This decision was not taken well and there … Continue reading

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Soccer headgear. Should my kid wear one?

There is a great article in a sports medicine journal reviewing headgear in soccer, as often companies would like to market their wares to help with “safety.”  There is NO evidence that headgear products can reduce the incidence or severity … Continue reading

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Vaccine law in California…

My new medical home is about 15 miles from California and their laws affect my practice.  I am acquainting myself with the new California law regarding requirements of school vaccines. California Governor Jerry Brown signed off on one of the … Continue reading

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