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Excellent, enlightening article describing the physician’s role with healthcare administration. Please read. It’s worth it!

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Nutrition pearls. I am often asked how to eat “better”…

Why is it important to eat a healthy diet? Eating the right foods can keep you healthy now and later on in life. Which foods are especially healthy?  ●Fruits and vegetables – Eating fruits and vegetables can help prevent heart … Continue reading

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Do you suspect dementia in your loved one?

Do you suspect dementia in your loved one? There are many ways to investigate if dementia is present. Your physician may give a screening test like the Mini Cog, the General Practitional Assessment of Cognition, or the Ascertain Dementia 8-item … Continue reading

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Thyroid cancer. Should we screen for this?

Thyroid cancer. Should we screen for this? There are organizations who look over all the known data and update us, physicians, on what screening tests are beneficial to the population as a whole. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) … Continue reading

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