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Constipation is a common digestive problem. Your stools may be very hard or you may have a sense of fullness even after a bowel movement. It’s not true that you must have a daily bowel movement to be “regular.” The … Continue reading

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Multivitamins do not cut cardiovascular events

What does this mean? Behavioral interventions such as exercise and medications for cholesterol-lowering therapist CAN lower cardiovascular disease risk. Multivitamins daily did not provide any cardiovascular benefits. There was a study of nearly 15,000 male physicians and rate of cardiovascular … Continue reading

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Wanting to avoid holiday weight gain?

Follow your bodies “satiety signals”– your body’s ability to gauge that you have eaten an appropriate amount. 1.  Mindless or distracted eating (like standing/talking/AND eating or eating while driving) can make food-intake-memory fuzzy.  This seems to override the effects of … Continue reading

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Circumcision may lower prostate cancer risk

Interesting study involving 3,399 men. It was found that men who are circumcised before their first sexual intercourse have significantly lower risk for prostate cancer than do uncircumcised men (or men who are circumcised after their first sexual encounter). The … Continue reading

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Breast cancer pill rethought

Tamoxifen is used in the hopes of stopping a  breast cancer recurrence.  For 15 years the standard has been to take a tamoxifen pill once a day for 5 years.  And then stop. There is new research that women who take … Continue reading

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The race is on!

It’s off with a start!  Quickest start in 10 years!… I wish I were talking about the Kentucky Derby, but I am talking about the flu.  There is still time to get vaccinated. Who should be vaccinated?  Anyone older than … Continue reading

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Carpal tunnel. Who? What? Why?

Who?  Anyone can suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.  It is often associated with repetitive motion at work or play but also frequently occurs in people with diabetes, thyroid disease, or in pregnant patients. What?  Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the … Continue reading

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