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Early glucose control important in prediabetes

Reach the goal of fasting blood sugar under 100!  Bringing down blood sugars as soon as possible in prediabetes provides the best shot at preventing disease progression.  This comes into play when a patient has a fasting blood sugar that … Continue reading

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Recommendations to Decrease SIDS risk

SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is a life-altering, grief-filled event.  There are some ways to decrease the risk. Infants should be placed on their back to sleep until 12 months of age.  Side sleeping is not suggested. Sleep on a firm … Continue reading

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Kansas is the 13th fattest state.

Wow!  What a front page article for the Wichita Eagle today.  29.6% of Kansans were obese in 2011.  Obesity is considered a BMI (basal metabolic index height versus weight) more than 30.  Check yours!  Obesity increases your risk of cancers, … Continue reading

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Diverticulosis rarely progresses to diverticulitis

What does this mean?  Diverticuli are outpouches in the bowel.  Diverticulosis is the condition of having diverticuli.  Diverticulitisis when these diverticuli get inflamed.  Diverticulitis may present as right lower abdominal pain.  Diverticuli are more common as we age and with history of … Continue reading

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Report: Teenagers who engage in “sexting” have more sex. Hmmmm….

Did you know that more than half of American teens have been asked to send a “sext.”  This information is from nearly 1000 high school students. Sexting is sending explicit electronic messages.  In all, 28% of the teens reported sending … Continue reading

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Fluoride. A hot topic here in Wichita.

In November we, Wichitans, have the opportunity to vote.  The question is should fluoride be added to the water.  Here is a link to some interesting information which has been fact-checked. You have two choices.  Will you research the question of fluoridation?  … Continue reading

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