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New treatment for dry eyes

Dry eye symptoms increase with age and may be as high as 30% in those older than 50. Women are more likely to have dry eyes than men. Other risk factor for dry eyes are contact lens use, medications like … Continue reading

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Do YOU (and your kids) really need the flu vaccine?

The low-down on this is that influenza often kills those who are otherwise well. Also, the flu can be fatal to children. The CDC found that 830 kids died from flu-related complications between 2004 and 2012 and most of those … Continue reading

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Who should get screened for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

 It depends on your age… The US Preventive Services Task Force is the organization that reviews the most cost-effective, efficient treatments. They suggest that all sexually active women, ages 24 or younger, should be screened for both gonorrhea and chlamydia.   … Continue reading

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Should you give Tylenol before vaccines?

  No. Pretreatment of vaccines with Tylenol could actually BLUNT the immune response to the given vaccine. The CDC has released a statement that there are no good studies to support GIVING Tylenol before vaccines. So, I would advise refraining … Continue reading

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