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Infantile hemangiomas. Get your cameras out!

This delightful baby’s hemangioma was nearly imperceptible at birth and grew to be this rather impressive lesion.  I advised the parents to take lots of pictures because by preschool it will probably be gone.  Infantile hemangiomas are benign tumors of … Continue reading

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Blood clots, a villainous term

Blood clots  in the large deep veins can be deadly.  Avoid triggers and watch for symptoms  to decrease your chance of getting them.  Here are some tips. . . Suspicious symptoms for venous thromboembolism  (VTE) are swelling in the leg with pain … Continue reading

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New York Times. What does your current health tell about YOUR future?

Interesting study showing how exercise capacity and speed foretells level of health 40 years later.  As for me. . . I’m ditching this keyboard, running, and starting a log of my running times! Running Time as a Measure of Heart Health – Make … Continue reading

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Need help returning to work as a breastfeeding mom?

Know the benefits! Several studies show that breastfeeding helps individual families as well as employers– improved productivity and employee loyalty, enhanced public image of the employer, AND decreased absenteeism, health care costs, and employee turnover. Employers must provide “reasonable break time … Continue reading

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Atrial fibrillation may be PREVENTABLE!

Atrial fibrillation does not need to be your “destiny.”  AF is an irregular heart rhythm that increases your risk of stroke.  Be aware of the risk factors and change your future!  A study of 15,000+ adults revealed modifiable (changeable) risk factors … Continue reading

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Embarrassed about your pale pasty skin? Get over it.

Wanting a rich, deep tan?  Frequenting a tanning salon?. . . Please don’t.  May has been designated Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month.  So, let’s celebrate our natural skin color, whatever color it is. American Academy of Dermatology did an … Continue reading

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Head lice (Is your skin crawling?). Two new treatments.

Good people get head lice.  It is especially rampant in schools where coats may hang next to each other (and the lice essentially jump from one household to another).  Head lice are becoming more resistant to over-the-counter rinses.  There are two … Continue reading

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Teens birthing babies tumbles to a record low.

This is something to celebrate!  As a mother, I know that once you have a child your life (and your life’s pathway) are forever altered.  And, you are forever tied to their father (hi, honey!).   My teen patients and I … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and those WITH mothers. . .

What a special day!  A time for us to  thank our mothers, reflect on our childhoods, and for those of us who are mothers. . . to savor our children.  I am blessed with three children and am amazed by … Continue reading

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Should I insist my doctor order an MRI?

There are lots of magazine articles telling patients that if they want better care to speak up for themselves!  This brings up . . . are MRIs done too often?  Magnetic Resonance Imaging has become a routine test in the … Continue reading

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