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Vaccine updates per American Family Physician magazine

Do you need an HPV vaccine? Maybe. HPV Vaccine First up was a vote to recommend that HPV vaccination be based on shared clinical decision-making for patients ages 27-45 who have not been adequately vaccinated. The question arose after the FDA … Continue reading

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Death certificates

Death certificates.  What are they?  What information is on these?  As much as physicians want to preserve life, death certificates are also a bread-and-butter duty of physicians, especially family physicians. There is a great deal of information on the death … Continue reading

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Cholesterol.  I attended a lecture recently from a well-known local cardiologist specializing in cholesterol.  Here are the “pearls” from the talk. What is cholesterol?  Cholesterol are lipids that are carried on particles.  A cholesterol panel estimates what kinds of particles … Continue reading

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Diabetes management

Diabetes management!  I recently attended a lecture on diabetes management.  Here are the  nuts and bolts… There are three pillars of diabetes management…  It’s best to max out #1 and #2 or you and your physician will need to travel … Continue reading

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Exercise Induced Bronchospasm

Exercise-induced bronchospasm, non-physicians may call this exercise-induced asthma. What is this? It is respiratory distress or wheezing that starts within 15 minutes of exercise onset. Usually it resolves within 15-60 minutes after exercise stops. This can occur in endurance athletes, … Continue reading

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What are “red flag” symptoms for those with low back pain?

What are “red flag” symptoms for those with low back pain?  When a patient presents to the office or hospital with low back pain, we are looking for the “red flag” (or VERY concerning symptoms) because it reveals that there … Continue reading

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Social determinants of health. As a physician am I asking the right questions?

Social determinants of health.  As a physician, am I asking the right questions?  I recently went to a conference given by Aaron Dieringer MD who is also a Masters in Public Health candidate.  He showcased the ways that I can … Continue reading

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