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Let’s discuss an old wives’ tale. . . should you gargle salt water for a sore throat?

This works! Gargling with salt water eases symptoms of cold and flu because of the way that saline works.  Saline draws excess fluid out of inflamed tissues (and loosens mucus!). A recent study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine … Continue reading

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Want your winter skin to look more radiant?

Do not visit a tanning salon for a winter pick-me-up.  Tanning beds are bad news.  The beds use bulbs that produce mostly UVA light– a type of radiation that encourages pigment production by damaging skin’s deeper layers.  UVA exposure sharply … Continue reading

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Low testosterone

If  you have watched ANY sports on television, you must have been barraged by ads about “Low T.”   The advertisers are eluding to low testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone that is responsible for sexual libido and the ability to … Continue reading

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Seasonal affective disorder. Feeling SAD?

SAD is major depression with a seasonal pattern. This means that most feel episodes of depression during the fall or winter months.  (Scientists have seen a striking example in Scandinavia where suicide rate doubles in the winter months.) Symptoms of … Continue reading

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Resolutions? These apps may help you achieve yours.

There are tens of thousands of health-related apps on smartphones.  Some make the smartphone into a type of health-related equipment and others help you manage health-related issues. I’ll review some of those that help you with issues. MediSafe: This is … Continue reading

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