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Five health numbers YOU should know!

New Years’ Resolutions are still on our minds and a common resolution is to be healthier.  At times it feels like managing our health is a numbers game: watching our weight, counting calories, tracking exercise regimens.  Below are five numbers … Continue reading

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Let’s discuss ANOTHER old wives’ tale. . . “Brandy soothes teething pain”

That may be true, but no amount of alcohol is safe for infants or children. Teething rings available at stores (many of which can be frozen in the freezer and reused countless times) are best.  For an inexpensive option I’d … Continue reading

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Should you get a low-dose CT scan of the lung to look for lung cancer?

My mom recently asked me if I’d suggest that she get a low-dost CT lung scan.  I should say that I am not the physician for my family–although I often do field questions. Great question!  Low-dose computed tomography (CT) screening … Continue reading

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YET ANOTHER old wives’ tale. . . Feed a cold. Starve a fever.

Incorrect. It’s important to eat whether you have a cold or a fever.  Your body continues to need nutrients to boost your immune system (allowing you to fight off the virus that is causing your illness).

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Old wives’ tale. . . Caffeine stunts growth.

Not true. Height is not impacted my caffeine intake.  Caffeine does not have any medical benefits, so certainly limiting caffeine for children is prudent.  Caffeine is a drug, just like alcohol, and affects children differently than adults since they don’t … Continue reading

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Old wives’ tale. . . Spicy food causes ulcers.

Wrong. Spicy food will not CAUSE an ulcer, but if you have an ulcer spicy food will really make you hurt. Most ulcers are caused by bacteria in the stomach called helicobacter pylori or by high doses or prolonged use … Continue reading

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In what AGE patient is the shingles vaccine the most cost effective?

Because the effectiveness of the shingles vaccine appears to decrease over time it is suggested that the vaccine be given once… after age 60. This is based on the Long-term Persistence Study done by the pharmaceutical company Merck.  The study … Continue reading

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