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Pruritis ani– the dreaded “itchy butt.”

I have a great job.  Every day is different.  One of the conditions I see commonly is perianal itching. This affects 1 to 5% of the population and is the second most common anorectal condition (after hemorrhoids—a topic for another time). … Continue reading

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Do you want to help teach medical students?

What a great opportunity!  Right in our fair city, Wichita!  The University of Kansas School of Medicine is opening their doors for you to be a “standardized patient.” This was a new concept when I was in medical school 20 … Continue reading

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Are you looking for health insurance for your domestic partner?

Kansan Kathleen Sebelius, the US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary announced that the Health Plan Finder tool on now allows for users to search for insurance plans that include coverage for domestic partners. On this site, consumers … Continue reading

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FDA links reflux medicine to severe diarrhea

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued a drug safety warning  discussing the link between an anti-reflux medication and watery stools.  The warning suggests that medicines in the proton pump inhibitor family (like omeprazole and nexium) may increase the risk … Continue reading

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Have you had a gastric bypass? Feeling tired? Here is one consideration…

Obesity is an epidemic in America.  Gastric bypass is becoming a mainstream treatment for obesity.  Gastric bypass makes the stomach smaller, making the patient feel fuller with less food, and thereby helping the patient curb caloric intake.  After gastric bypass … Continue reading

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Do you need an advanced directive? Do you know what this is?

Two answers:  Yes, you do need one.  And, read on… to find out what’s an advanced directive. An advanced directive is a legal document that spells out how YOU want to be cared for if you are unable to make … Continue reading

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Eczema: “asthma of the skin”

I recently heard a dermatologist describe eczema as “asthma of the skin.” Great analogy. The importance of this is that eczema is a long-term problem. Our goal should be to control this scaly, itchy skin so that the patient and … Continue reading

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Are you a night owl? There’s a supplement that may help reset your “clock.”

Researchers have found that melatonin taken in a specific manner and dose may help induce sleep to reset your circadian rhythm.  Night owls are people who, if left to their own body rhythm, would sleep from … let’s say… 5 AM … Continue reading

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Confirmation that colonoscopies are worthwhile

Medicare study confirms colonoscopy’s benefit.  Medicare watches their pennies—I appreciate that.  Medicare assisted this study of 50,000 older adults which revealed colonoscopies were associated with a significant 73% reduction in right-sided colon cancer and 54% decrease of left-sided colon cancer, compared to … Continue reading

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