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Are you considering an oral appliance for your mild sleep apnea?

The short answer is that the oral appliance used while sleeping may help some symptoms of sleep apnea, but not others. An oral appliance that helps push the lower jaw forward to make more room in the back of the … Continue reading

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Does your sore throat need a throat culture?

Most likely not.  We, physicians, often check to make sure that your sore throat isn’t “strep throat.”   We specifically check for strep as there can be complications if the streptococcus isn’t treated with an antibiotic. The good news is that our rapid … Continue reading

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Should you have arthroscopic knee surgery?

This is a great question that was recently answered.  A study of 805 patients with mean age of 53 to 59 showed that arthroscopic repair of degenerative meniscal tears does not significantly improve long-term pain or function. Arthroscopic surgery did … Continue reading

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Does exercise increase miscarriage?

Regular exercise for up to seven or more hours per week is NOT associated with increased rates of miscarriage in the first or second trimester.  Woman can do low or high-intensity exercise including aerobics, jogging, cycling and swimming without risk of … Continue reading

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