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Do YOU need hepatitis B vaccine?

New indication for an old vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory committee on Immunization Practices (the organization that tells us doctors when, why, and which vaccines) is now recommending hepatitis B vaccine series to unvaccinated adults less than 60 … Continue reading

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I was asked by a patient recently to discuss IUDs.  There are two kinds of intrauterine devices on the market.  One is hormonal, one is not. The hormonal IUD, a progesterone-secreting device, is called the Mirena.  It works for 5 years.  One … Continue reading

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Will my knee pain get worse?

There are identifiable risk factors which may predict who has worsening knee arthritis.  If you are male, obese, feel worse pain in your knee (your opinion), or have worse looking knee xrays (my opinion) your knee pain is more likely to … Continue reading

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Does aspirin help avoid colon cancer?

Yes.  An article published in Lancet 2010 revealed aspirin (75 mg or more) a day decreases your risk of some types of colon cancer.  This article combined results of four studies totaling 14,000+ patients.  The caveats are that aspirin must … Continue reading

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Sometimes TWO is better than one!

Are you going WITH a family member to the doctor?  Your attending an office visit with the doctor can be helpful in many ways. Giving details about the patient’s concerns/issues, if needed. Translating, if there is a language barrier. Helping the patient understand … Continue reading

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Anaphylaxis. The worst-of-the-worst allergic reactions.

One question I ask every new patient is “Are you allergic to anything?”   I need to know.  The goal is to avoid an allergic reaction, especially anaphylaxis.  Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction.  Frequently it is not anticipated and … Continue reading

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