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Ooooooh, so much to be thankful for. . .

Clean water  (tap water is fine, save your money) Vaccinations  (please get yours!) Freedom  (religious, political, personal) Fresh air Antibiotics (for bacteria, not viruses) The promise of a new day (yesterdays mistakes are in the past) Shelter Health (not to … Continue reading

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Bone health

I’ve seen three fractures in the past week.  This makes me think of bone health: how to make (AND  KEEP) strong bones. Good nutrition is important! Calcium 1000 mg a day for children through adulthood.  Milk with every meal is … Continue reading

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Wound care 101–cub scout badge time

I assisted at my son’s Cub Scout meeting and helped dispel some wound care myths.  Lots of questions need answers. . . here is how I address wounds. Allergies? to latex, antibiotics or anesthetics (the medicine to numb a wound)?    I don’t want to … Continue reading

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I went to a ‘Menopause The Musical’  a few years ago: utterly hysterical. It may only be funny onstage. I have seen two patients this week in their 40s who have all the symptoms. . . including a little denial. … Continue reading

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When should women have their first pap?

Common question. New guidelines. Let me share. . .ACOG (The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology)  released a position statement delaying pap screening in adolescents. A pap is now suggested at age 21 unless the patient has HIV or a weak immune system … Continue reading

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The sore-throat-should-I see-my-doctor quandary. . .

I saw a patient this morning who I diagnosed with viral pharyngitis, not (bacterial) strep throat. She said she felt embarrassed that she came in to see me. I reassured her the importance of coming in to figure out  if she has … Continue reading

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