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Mindless weight loss

This would be great, right?  Well, if you use the following rules, then you will mindlessly eat less and may lose weight. keep kitchen counters clear.  The only exception is you can keep a bowl of fruit in sight.  There should … Continue reading

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Recognizing and treating teen depression

October is national Mental Health Awareness month.    No one is immune from mental illness.  Adolescents are especially vulnerable to mental illness and are a major at-risk population for developing severe depression.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that … Continue reading

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Which complementary medicine modalities are worth doing?

Consider taking fish oil to decrease high triglycerides.   The American Heart Association recommends 2 to 4 grams per day of fish oil with DHA to help decrease triglycerides.   The most common side effects of fish oil is bloating and belching … Continue reading

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Warts. Do I need to treat them?

No.  There was a study of 1100 children. 1 of 3 of them had at least one wart.  One year later (without any treatment) 1/2 of all the warts were gone.  This was especially true in younger and nonwhite children. … Continue reading

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Do you need to fast before cholesterol lab?

No…  but, occasionally yes.  A study of over 209,000 cholesterol labs found that if we are only looking at total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol, that patients do NOT need to fast.  The triglycerides (another part of the cholesterol/lipid panel) will … Continue reading

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Notice: hydrocodone will be more difficult to refill!

You may not take the popular pain medicine hydrocodone (also known as Vicodin, Lortab, and Norco).   But, if you do… refills are going to be more difficult starting today.  The Drug Enforcement Administration is changing hydrocodone to a stricter drug class.  … Continue reading

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