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Does your tongue-tied baby need it cut?

Probably not.  There are three reasons to cut a tongue-tied infant’s tongue: difficulty with speech, or with feeding, or due to cosmetic reasons (imagine heart-shaped tongue). There is no evidence that there is improved latching for breastfeeding after frenotomy (cutting … Continue reading

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Nevada ranks near the bottom for medical care

Ugh!  I read the Reno Gazette Journal newspaper this morning and realized that I moved from the 6th best state for health care (Kansas) to the 48th “best” state, Nevada.  I have been practicing medicine in Nevada for nearly a … Continue reading

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Why is my face drooping on one side?

Bell palsy is an acute, sudden onset of facial nerve paralysis.  This is not due to a stroke (when the brain does not get enough oxygen).    But, emergent care is needed to confirm that this is a palsy and … Continue reading

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