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Cervical cancer screening. Who gets them? How often?

Cervical cancer screening is easily done with a pap smear.  The pap smear has successfully reduced mortality from cervical cancer since it was introduced in mid 20th century.  We now know that nearly 100% of cervical cancer specimens will test … Continue reading

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I wish measles were a disease of the past.  I have been a practicing physician for 19 years and I have never seen measles outside of a journal.  But, I am on the lookout! The CDC reports that the U.S. … Continue reading

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Obesity is the enemy.

Yes!  Severely obese individuals may lose as many as 14 years off their life. 20 previous studies were pooled and it was found that a body mass index (BMI) of more than 40 raised the odds of dying early from heart … Continue reading

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Mom was right! Eat your veggies.

Want to decrease your risk of dying? Eat your fruits and vegetables. The following information was garnered from a British study of 65,000 people for 12 years. Eating seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables daily decreased risk of … Continue reading

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Great strategy: “Lend a Hand” to patients with diabetes

Great strategy:  “Lending a Hand” to patients with diabetes Lend a hand?  Yes!  Each finger represents a way to help a diabetic. Stop smoking!  Tobacco poses a greater risk or morbidity and mortality than any other abnormality in diabetics. Control … Continue reading

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