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Beware of medications that can impair your driving

Legal medication can impair judgment and motor skills.  A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study named a range of drugs (see below) which can potentially impair driving.  Past research on prescription drugs and driving has centered on narcotic medications.  Scientists … Continue reading

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A medicine may delay type 2 diabetes by up to 10 years?! Yes.

This is a great feat!  Although I should place a caveat that TWICE as effective as this medicine for preventing diabetes is lifestyle modification with diet and exercise (see below for specifics). Metformin is a medicine that reduces the risk … Continue reading

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Well, med school was wrong again!

We hear in med school that half of what we learn we will later find out is wrong.  But, which half?  We know future studies reveal different “truths” and I appreciate the need to debunk old theories if indeed they are not … Continue reading

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Is there a magic bullet for weight loss?

Yes, we have one.  But, it seems too simple. . . not glitzy enough.  We do have a multitude of interventions, tips, tricks, tools which MAY help combat weight challenges.  Interventions vary in cost to the individual and to the … Continue reading

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More maternal guilt. . .

If you smoke and are considering a pregnancy, stop smoking! There is evidence emerging that smoking during pregnancy (and how many cigarettes smoked per day) is correlated with developmental outcomes after the children are born.  The children of smokers were … Continue reading

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Pneumonia vaccine has been a success!

The seven-strain pneumonia vaccine used in the US since 2000 has been effective in decreasing infections caused by strep pneumonia.  We routinely give this Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine at 2, 4, and 6 months with a booster at age 12 to … Continue reading

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