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You need to know your blood pressure. Here’s why…

Higher blood pressures throughout young adulthood strongly predicted subclinical atherosclerosis during middle age. This was a study done over 25 years and it followed participant’s blood pressure and cardiovascular events. The findings show that what happens in early adulthood DOES … Continue reading

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Fellow Wichitans: Need to dispose of leftover medications?

This Saturday, 4/26/14, there are multiple locations for medication drop off locally. The Drug Enforcement Administration is sponsoring National Take Back Day with the intent of helping people get rid of old drugs so that they won’t be a danger … Continue reading

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When (and which) can we stop doing screening tests?

I am often asked ” Do I still need. . . . mammograms? pap smears? prostate screening?” These are good questions. this depends on the patient’s current quality of life and life expectancy. Female cancers that are routinely screened for … Continue reading

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