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HPV vaccination is fighting cervical cancer and winning!

HPV vaccination is fighting cervical cancer and winning!  HPV vaccination has been shown to decrease cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 1 (CIN1)  by 9%.  CIN1 is a precursor to frank, invasive cervical cancer.  So, this vaccine shows great success! In fact, in … Continue reading

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RSV bronchiolitis. Diagnosis and treatment

RSV bronchiolitis.  I’ve seen lots of bronchiolitis in the hospital recently. Diagnosis and treatment.  Does your infant or young child have a hacking cough?  It may be respiratory syncytial virus or RSV. Most patients present with two to four days … Continue reading

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Honey?! for a cough?

As a family physician, I often see children in my office with a cough.  There have been extensive studies showing no clear benefits and, in fact, there were definite potential harms to over the counter cough medication in children under … Continue reading

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Does your tongue-tied baby need it cut?

Probably not.  There are three reasons to cut a tongue-tied infant’s tongue: difficulty with speech, or with feeding, or due to cosmetic reasons (imagine heart-shaped tongue). There is no evidence that there is improved latching for breastfeeding after frenotomy (cutting … Continue reading

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Acne… the dreaded teenage rite of passage

Acne is so commonplace … and it makes being a teenager more difficult.  The AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) has new guidelines for acne therapy. The key is that monotherapy is not recommended AND that antibiotics should always be coupled … Continue reading

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Shingles pain relief

There are a “Big Three” of shingles treatment: antivirals, rest, and pain management.  At a recent American Academy of Dermatology meeting treatment of shingles was discussed.  The Big 3 will help halt the progression of the disease and decrease viral … Continue reading

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Stop using nasal flu vaccine

In a stop-the-presses media blast, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee has voted to stop the use of the live attenuated influenza  (nasal flu) vaccine for this 2016-2017 flu season.   The recommendations state that “no live attenuated … Continue reading

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