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Tales from the hospital newborn rounds… how to educate about breastfeeding?

Tales from the hospital newborn rounds… how to educate about breastfeeding? I love breastfeeding questions.  I helped educate both medical students and new mothers this week about breastfeeding while on newborn hospital rounds.  Here are some of the questions (and … Continue reading

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Tales from the hospital newborn rounds with medical students…What do we screen for?

Tales from the hospital newborn rounds with medical students… What do we screen for? Oh, my life as a physician and medical educator.  I have a new crop of green third-year medical students.  They have just spent two years studying … Continue reading

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Marijuana and adolescents…

Marijuana and adolescents…  I live in Nevada and it is now legal to use marijuana for both recreational and medical use. How prevalent is marijuana use? 5.4% of 8th graders, 14% of 10th graders and 22% of 12th graders have … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes…

Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes… This is not new news, as my children are now teenagers…and this was known then. What is new is the percentage DROP in incidence of diabetes in mothers who breastfed per JAMA Internal Medicine. … Continue reading

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Teens and drug use

Why do people use drugs?  They want to change the way they feel to fit in with peers, to be less inhibited they’re bored life sucks (they’re angry, jealous, sad, abused) “for the fun of it.” Judgment in drug-use is … Continue reading

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ADHD evaluation

I recently went to a lecture on ADHD.   There are different ADHD subtypes: combined (hyperactivity with impulsivity), predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive without impulsivity.  The ADHD with hyperactivity is most likely diagnosed because of the child’s attention-getting (conduct disorder) behavior.  Stimulants … Continue reading

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I took notes at the Nevada Family Medicine meeting when expert Dr. Trudy Larson spoke about HPV. Here are the take-home points… Who gets HPV? 80 % of adults have a strain of HPV. “HPV happens.” There are 40 subtypes … Continue reading

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