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Travel medicine tips.

Travel medicine tips.  Most of us are excited to travel and would like to arrive both at our destination and back home safely and in good health.  Don’t let these problems derail your plans… There are many types of travel-associated … Continue reading

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ADHD evaluation

I recently went to a lecture on ADHD.   There are different ADHD subtypes: combined (hyperactivity with impulsivity), predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive without impulsivity.  The ADHD with hyperactivity is most likely diagnosed because of the child’s attention-getting (conduct disorder) behavior.  Stimulants … Continue reading

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Great definition of a family physician

Great definition of a family physician. I am NOT a generalist.  I am NOT a provider. I am NOT a practitioner.  I am a medical professional who cares for complex and healthy patients regardless of age.  I am best understood as an … Continue reading

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I took notes at the Nevada Family Medicine meeting when expert Dr. Trudy Larson spoke about HPV. Here are the take-home points… Who gets HPV? 80 % of adults have a strain of HPV. “HPV happens.” There are 40 subtypes … Continue reading

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A taboo topic: heavy menstrual bleeding

A taboo topic: heavy menstrual bleeding…Do you have heavy menstrual bleeding? There are lots of ways to fix this.  The most effective method is to remove the uterus (a hysterectomy) but this method comes with surgical risks and (of course) … Continue reading

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Why should YOU have a primary-care physician who knows you?

Why should YOU have a primary-care physician who knows you? Here’s a beautifully-written NYTimes article about the emotionally-satisfying, save-you-money, have-your-concerns-be-heard, life-altering ways that you having a relationship with your Primary care physician can alter your life. Read on….

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I helped write an article on Travel medical advice…

I helped write an article on… Travel medical advice…        

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