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Emollient use reduced infant eczema.

Once-daily application of an emollient from birth until age 6 months shows promise to significantly decrease eczema.  This was considered to be a treatment when it was found that “skin barrier dysfunction” presents before eczema starts. Risk factors for eczema … Continue reading

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Are you taking too much thyroid medicine? This can be harmful.

Lots of people are on levothyroxine (name brand Synthroid) to replace a sluggish thyroid.  Many like taking too much thyroid—as it may help you lose weight, feel more energetic, need less sleep.  But, there is a downside.  You may feel anxious, have … Continue reading

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Irritable bowel syndrome. Innovative treatment…

Research about irritable bowel syndrome is turning us away from an “old friend” and instead to two different types of medicine.  A compilation of 56 randomized controlled trials (read this:  really good research studies) showed that there is better treatment … Continue reading

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Is your thyroid sluggish? That could harm your heart.

I have many patients who are tired/fatigued. One condition for me to rule out is hypothyroidism. This is when the thyroid gland—the gland in front of your neck—isn’t working as well as it should. There is an inexpensive blood test … Continue reading

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Screening colonoscopies are receiving high marks!

Screening colonoscopy cut the incidence of colorectal cancers by 51% compared with patients without colonoscopy!  Wow! Here are the nuts and bolts: This was in a study of 170,000 people followed up to 24 years. The benefit from a single … Continue reading

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