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PSA no longer suggested for prostate cancer screening

The US Preventive Services Task Force this week formalized their statement regarding PSA, prostate specific antigen test. Their standpoint is firm:  do not routinely screen for prostate cancer by PSA. A screening test is only for those who have NO symptoms or family … Continue reading

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Do you have high blood pressure OR swelling of your ankles? Getting too much salt?

Sodium.  A villain of sorts.  Are you one of the 90% of Americans who consume too much sodium?  10 food categories account for a great deal of our sodium intake, per the Centers for Disease Control. The top 10 culprits … Continue reading

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Whooping cough coming our way!

I’ve been asking for a year or two for unimmunized patients if they’d like the “tetanus with pertussis vaccine.”  Pertussis is whooping cough.  It is a cough that adults may get which is annoying, lasting for months and embarrassing.  In addition, … Continue reading

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The 2,3,4,5 Principle of Men’s Health

Men often do not seek health care before they desperately need it.  This means… men may not have a family doctor who knows them; that does not mean they do not need one.  The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force helped create the … Continue reading

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Chest pain may be an unreliable factor for heart attacks…

Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) recently published an article showing chest pain is often absent in young women with heart attacks. Women with heart attacks are more likely to have a heart attack without chest pain (compared to men).  … Continue reading

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Bearing Beef’s Bad news

I live in the “beef belt” with neighbors driving cars with license plates reading “EAT BEEF.”   But, I must report on studies showing eating red meat is harmful. Eating red meat is associated with a significantly increased risk of total … Continue reading

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Are you a Yeast-infection-sufferer?

Some women don’t ever get vaginal yeast infections.  Some women seem to never be WITHOUT a vaginal yeast infection.  A new study gives options to get rid of chronic yeast infections. First we, physicians, need to make sure that the … Continue reading

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Skin cancer. Free Wichita screening.

2 million skin cancer diagnoses in the US each year.  75,000 of those are melanoma (Boo!  Hiss!)  Melanoma accounts for 75% of the skin cancer deaths per the American Cancer Society.  If melanoma is caught (and removed) early, the long-term … Continue reading

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