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Sleeping too much or too little has risk.

Heart health is tied to how much sleep you get.  There is an optimal amount of sleep: 6-8 hours per night. Those who slept less than 6 hours per night had twice the risk of heart attack or stroke compared … Continue reading

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Reducing waste in healthcare

Choosing wisely?  Choosing Wisely campaign is a coalition of medical societies and physician groups that wants to reduce waste in healthcare.  Here are a few examples of wasteful use of healthcare dollars (because treatment frequency is not justified by the medical literature) EKGs … Continue reading

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70 is the new 100!

What?  There are new guidelines on lowering cholesterol.  We have, for years, targeted  LDL (the bad cholesterol) to be under 100 in at-risk patients.  Now, the LDL target number is under 70! An LDL below 70 mg/dL should be the … Continue reading

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Falls among the elderly can be decreased.

There are many treatments to decrease falls in the elderly that’ve been not helpful.   Home-based and group exercise intervention programs help the most (for elderly living in their own home)!    A second factor to reduce falls is “home safety interventions” … Continue reading

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What should I bring when going to the doctor?

The well-heeled patient comes to the office with information about themselves, their family, and some paperwork!  All of these allow me to care for you more fully at that visit, while we are face-to-face. Immunization status.  This is important for children for their … Continue reading

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To circumcise or not?

Did you know that US circumcision rates have decreased from 79% to 55% in the past 20 years?  This has resulted in an estimated $2 Billion (Yes, billion with a “B”) in additional healthcare expenditures. The benefits of circumcision are … Continue reading

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Endometrial, lung, and ovarian cancers: How, when, and DO we screen?

American Cancer Society Screening guidelines were just released. Endometrial cancer.  This is cancer of the lining of the uterus.  No routine screening test should be performed.  Women should have testing if they have symptoms: irregular or unexpected vaginal bleeding, especially … Continue reading

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Prostate cancer screening guideslines. New! from American Cancer Society

To screen or not to screen… that is a thoughtful decision.  Screening for prostate cancer should not be performed without an informed decision-making process.   Most elderly men die with prostate cancer, not from it.  The risk of screening is that … Continue reading

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Ladies. . . Next screening guideline: cervical cancer.

The American Cancer Society cervical cancer screening guidelines for this are dependent on many factors: age, risk factors, choice of screening test and screening history.  Let’s break it down by age. 21.  Women at average risk should begin screening at … Continue reading

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