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Perimenopause may trigger the first episode of depression.

Perimenopause may trigger the first episode of depression.  Women in their late 40s are often in this hormonal stage called “perimenopause.” This is when the body may still have a menstrual period, but that the menstrual cycles are irregular because … Continue reading

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Pregnant women, should you ask for skin staples or stitches with a C-section?

Pregnant women, should you ask for skin staples or stitches with a C-section?  A meta-analysis (combined multiple studies) with 2300 patients looked at complication rate or infection, separation, hematomas (blood collections under the skin surface) and cosmetic result. All 10 … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes…

Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes… This is not new news, as my children are now teenagers…and this was known then. What is new is the percentage DROP in incidence of diabetes in mothers who breastfed per JAMA Internal Medicine. … Continue reading

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One more form of birth control “bites the dust.”

One more form of birth control “bites the dust.”  Which one?  What was its history? Why? The Bayer company is taking Essure off the market.  Essure was marketed as a nonsurgical alternative to “tying tubes.”  Instead of a surgical tubal … Continue reading

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A taboo topic: heavy menstrual bleeding

A taboo topic: heavy menstrual bleeding…Do you have heavy menstrual bleeding? There are lots of ways to fix this.  The most effective method is to remove the uterus (a hysterectomy) but this method comes with surgical risks and (of course) … Continue reading

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Acne: how to manage this age-old problem.

Acne:  how to manage this age-old problem.  The American Academy of Dermatology updated their acne care guidelines.  Here is a synopsis… Overall: 40 million Americans have acne. 74% of adolescents experience acne Nearly 20% of adult women have acne. What … Continue reading

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Wow! Stop the presses. Pap scheduling change.

Wow! Stop the presses. Pap scheduling change.  I know…every woman loves to go in to her doctor for a pap.  (Just kidding.)  Years ago we performed paps every year on every woman and that’s how the “annual visit” became synonymous … Continue reading

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