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Cancer screening guidelines: The down-and-dirty on breast cancer screening.

The American Cancer Society updated their guidelines on cancer screening.  I’m going to update myself (and you!) with those.  This will be broken up into a few blogs.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’ll be reviewed first. Breast … Continue reading

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Want to start smoking again after a stroke?

Patients who started smoking again after an ischemic (not-enough-blood-getting-to-the-brain) stroke raise their risk of dying by nearly threefold within one year.  The risk of dying increases the sooner the smoking relapse occurs.  Patients who start smoking within 10 days of … Continue reading

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Does your tween have acne?

Acne in teens.  Recently,  I saw a tween for a knee injury.  Upon completion of the visit I asked him how his skin was doing.  His mom energetically piped in that his current skin condition was good for him and that … Continue reading

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HPV vaccine was studied and found NOT to increase teenage sexual activity.

This LA Times article is informative with an interesting perspective.  Please read on. . . especially if you are a” tween” parent.,0,5783319.story

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Fellow Wichitan, do you have a question about community water fluoridation?

A former CDC Oral health expert is in Wichita… so here is your chance to have questions answered by one of the nation’s leading water fluoridation experts.  Stop by in person or submit questions online. WHAT: Attend a discussion lead by Bill Maas, a … Continue reading

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Wound care 101

We all get wounds–which heal most of the time without problems.  Our bodies are amazing and can heal most wounds under the right conditions. The ideal conditions are a clean, moist and friendly environment. Keeping wounds “clean” does NOT mean using … Continue reading

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A new obesity drug approved! Read on. . .

The FDA approved an obesity drug despite concerns that it might increase the risk of heart valve problems.  This release is in response to more than 1/3 of Americans are considered obese (a BMI of at least 30).  This drug, … Continue reading

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