Does your New Year’s resolution resolve need a booster?

Over 13,000 women participated in a study which yielded some interesting information on what habits can increase or decrease  your cancer risk . . . and by how much.

  • In women with a family history of breast cancer, or “other factors”. . .Women who smoke for 35 + years have a 59% higher risk of developing breast cancer compared with those who never smoked.  Smoking 15 – 35 years had a 34% higher risk.
  • Colon cancer is four times higher among women with 35+ year smoking history and 7% higher for those who have smoked 15-35 years.
  • It was noted, and not too surprisingly, that one pack per day of cigarettes for 35 + years has a risk 30 times higher risk of lung cancer than did women who never smoked.
  • Are you a couch potato?  Low level of exercise raises risk of endometrial cancer by 72%.
  • Alcohol consumption was NOT found to increase cancer risk.  (This means moderate alcohol consumption which is up to one drink a day.)   This was shown to decrease risk of colon cancer by 65% compared with those women who did not drink.

Take home message?  Don’t smoke.  Or stop smoking.  Exercise.  Drink in moderation.

Hope this helps.

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