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Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes…

Breastfeeding linked with reduction in diabetes… This is not new news, as my children are now teenagers…and this was known then. What is new is the percentage DROP in incidence of diabetes in mothers who breastfed per JAMA Internal Medicine. … Continue reading

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Why does your doctor NOT look you in the eye?

Why does your doctor NOT look you in the eye?  Please click to watch this brilliant and entertaining video from a fellow physician Dr. Zubin Damania, better known as rapper ZDoggMD. Entitled “EMRs killed medicine”  

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Teens and drug use

Why do people use drugs?  They want to change the way they feel to fit in with peers, to be less inhibited they’re bored life sucks (they’re angry, jealous, sad, abused) “for the fun of it.” Judgment in drug-use is … Continue reading

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After 23 years, I’ve delivered my last baby.

  After 23 years, I’ve delivered my last baby.  As a family physician, I have loved caring for patients— from conception til death.  And, honestly, prenatal visits and new parenting visits are some of my favorite times with patients!  I’ve juggled … Continue reading

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Travel medicine tips.

Travel medicine tips.  Most of us are excited to travel and would like to arrive both at our destination and back home safely and in good health.  Don’t let these problems derail your plans… There are many types of travel-associated … Continue reading

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Great definition of a family physician

Great definition of a family physician. I am NOT a generalist.  I am NOT a provider. I am NOT a practitioner.  I am a medical professional who cares for complex and healthy patients regardless of age.  I am best understood as an … Continue reading

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I took notes at the Nevada Family Medicine meeting when expert Dr. Trudy Larson spoke about HPV. Here are the take-home points… Who gets HPV? 80 % of adults have a strain of HPV. “HPV happens.” There are 40 subtypes … Continue reading

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