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When should you go to the Emergency Room?

Certainly if you have a major trauma or accident, you should visit the emergency room. But, there are other reasons to go to the ER such as any symptoms that interrupt your life or your ability to function– severe chest … Continue reading

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Can red-yeast rice be taken instead of a statin drug?

Not really.  Here in the United States, the red-yeast rice extract that contains naturally-occurring lovastatin (a statin drug) is not FDA approved. In contrast, in China red-yeast rice is a common dietary and medicinal product.  Their red-yeast rice contains a wide range of … Continue reading

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Prescription gel helps with knee pain

Diclofenac gel (the only topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory available in the United States) was shown to help decrease pain and improve function scores for as long as 12 weeks in patient with osteoarthritis of the knee.  The drawbacks are the cost … Continue reading

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Do obese children get more joint injuries?

Do we need a study to evaluate this?   Apparently so.  And, yes!  Overweight children are 18% more likely to have lower extremity injuries compared to normal weight children.  The risk increases to 24% in obese children and 34% more likely … Continue reading

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I am now a “Fellow”!

I have been recognized by the American Academy of Family Physicians for my years of community activism and scholarly activity.  Thanks, AAFP! Signed, Leslie Greenberg MD FAAFP (Woo hoo!)

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Wound care (part 2 of 2)

Can stitches get wet? Yes. Stitches can get wet anytime. We often suggest that stitches stay dry for the first 24 hours, but studies have shown that there’s no increased risk of infection or wound breaking down if it gets … Continue reading

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Initial management of high blood pressure

First off, you need to know YOUR blood pressure.  Get this done at any pharmacy or grocery store.  There are two blood pressure numbers.  Your blood pressure should be UNDER 135/ UNDER 85 (s Why is this so important? Hypertension is the MOST common chronic … Continue reading

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Treatment of reflux in children…

When stomach acid comes up the esophagus, this can cause symptoms of reflux. Common symptoms in infants are feeding refusal, recurrent vomiting, poor weight gain, sleep disturbance, respiratory problems (like coughing and wheezing), and irritability. Symptoms in older children include … Continue reading

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Why do diabetics need annual eye exams?

Because there are eye complications that diabetics are especially at risk for and , if found early, can be normalized. I take care of many people with diabetes. As a family physician, I help manage their blood sugars. Standard of … Continue reading

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Ways to curb office snacking…

Opportunities for unhealthy grazing abound in most office environments. Keep your impulses in check with these tips… Bring your own munchies. Keep a healthy snack in your own desk. This way, when you are in the mood for a pick-me-up … Continue reading

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