Great strategy: “Lend a Hand” to patients with diabetes

new doc 2_1Great strategy:  “Lending a Hand” to patients with diabetes

  1. Lend a hand?  Yes!  Each finger represents a way to help a diabetic.
  2. Stop smoking!  Tobacco poses a greater risk or morbidity and mortality than any other abnormality in diabetics.
  3. Control blood pressure.  Medication may be needed for this.  Goal: less than 140/90.  Metformin therapy.  This is known to delay premature mortality.
  4.  Cholesterol reducti8on.  Lifestyle changes with statin medication therapy is known to extend life by 3 years in men and 2 years in women.
  5. Lastly, blood sugar control.  Despite our focusing on blood sugars as an indicator of quality of medical care, the other “four fingers” may help more than blood sugar control.


Want more information? Lancet journal 2010; 375 (9713); pgs. 481-489.

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