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The male exam.

The male exam. What is the purpose of the male exam? It should incorporate evidenced-based guidelines, focus on prevention and health care promotion, ask about substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, diet, exercise, safety and depression screen. Men aged 50-74 are … Continue reading

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Vaccine updates per American Family Physician magazine

Do you need an HPV vaccine? Maybe. HPV Vaccine First up was a vote to recommend that HPV vaccination be based on shared clinical decision-making for patients ages 27-45 who have not been adequately vaccinated. The question arose after the FDA … Continue reading

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Free vasectomies at UNR

Free vasectomies at UNR. Yep! You read that right. The University if Nevada Reno School of Medicine (UNRSOM) is offering men (over 18 years old) who want permanent sterilization a free vasectomy. UNRSOM is known for offering free clinic days … Continue reading

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Death certificates

Death certificates.  What are they?  What information is on these?  As much as physicians want to preserve life, death certificates are also a bread-and-butter duty of physicians, especially family physicians. There is a great deal of information on the death … Continue reading

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Cholesterol.  I attended a lecture recently from a well-known local cardiologist specializing in cholesterol.  Here are the “pearls” from the talk. What is cholesterol?  Cholesterol are lipids that are carried on particles.  A cholesterol panel estimates what kinds of particles … Continue reading

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Vocal cord dysfunction

Vocal cord dysfunction. What is this?  Feels like throat tightness, not lung/chest tightness.  Starts less than 5 minutes into exercise and recovers within 5-10 minutes from stopping exercise.  These patients do not benefit from beta-agonist (albuterol) challenge like those who … Continue reading

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Exercise Induced Bronchospasm

Exercise-induced bronchospasm, non-physicians may call this exercise-induced asthma. What is this? It is respiratory distress or wheezing that starts within 15 minutes of exercise onset. Usually it resolves within 15-60 minutes after exercise stops. This can occur in endurance athletes, … Continue reading

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