Back to school. Summertime IS the time for physicals

Ahhhhh. . . it’s summer.  So, do I need to take my child for their school physical now? Yes!  Annually preschoolers and older children need to be assessed for school readiness, developmental delay and physical ailments.  There are specific criterion for children to achieve at each age.  It is divided into four categories:  personal/social, speech, fine motor movement (fingers) and gross motor movement (limbs).  The screening tests for this should be performed at every well child check and school physical so we can get kids caught up.

It is the perfect time for parents’ to voice their concerns. . .(Why does my kid eat ice?  Dirt?   When will he be potty trained?  Why does my child need this vaccine?)  or child’s questions to be answered (What is this rash?  How do I stop picking my nails?)  . . . or for a tw/teen to get puberty advice from an expert (I’ve been experimenting with . . . .What is happening to me?  What happens when I. . . )

Shots.  The ACIP updates the immunization schedule every 6 months.  Many of the vaccines are required for school entrance every fall.  There are also new vaccines such as for meningococcal meningitis and for HPV.  The human papilloma virus vaccine is suggested for 9 – 26 year olds.  This decreases the risk of genital warts and cervical dysplasia  (I’ll save that for another blog. . . )

So. . .take one hour out of your summer schedule—between sno cones and the pool—for a check up!  It’ll do your mind some good.

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  1. kmwindisch says:

    Thank you for spreading the word about the importance of yearly check up’s for children.

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