Vroom. Vroom. Is your engine revving at the right speed?

I’m talking about the thyroid gland.  If it is revved up, you may be anxious, have insomnia, or feel heart palpitations.  Too slow and  depression, sluggishness, and weight gain can result.

HYPOthyroidism is when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. It’s the most common thyroid problem. The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in the middle of the neck, located below the larynx (voice box) and above the clavicles (collarbone).

The thyroid produces two hormones which regulate how the body uses and stores energy (also known as the body’s metabolism). Vroom.  Vroom. or Putt.  Putt.

In about 95 percent of cases, hypothyroidism is due to a problem in the thyroid gland itself.  There are certain medications and diseases can also decrease thyroid function. You are at risk for hypothyroidism if you are

  • a woman,
  • older than 35
  • white or Mexican Americans
  • or have symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, slow heart rate, coarse hair or depression.

Most patients are diagnosed by history and physical exam. It is confirmed with one easy blood test called a TSH.  All newborns are routinely screened.

If thyroid replacement medicine is needed, a daily pill is taken which is inexpensive and well-tested.  A blood test is rechecked in 6 weeks. Symptoms should get better in 2 weeks.

Hypothyroidism is an easy fix.  Hope this helps.

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