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Nausea.  This is a common symptom.  It can be treated by a variety of medicines.

Nausea and vomiting are mediated by three neurotransmitter pathways: visceral stimulation releases dopamine and serotonin; vestibular and central nervous system activation release histamine and acetylcholine; and chemoreceptor trigger zone activation releases dopamine and serotonin.

If your doctor treats your nausea by targeting the appropriate pathway, then this will save you money and time (meaning…. time feeling awful).

  • For patients with vertigo, antihistamines and anticholinergics (like Antivert) are most effective.
  • Gastroenteritis ( intestinal “flu”) is best treated with dopamine antagonists like Reglan.
  •  Pregnancy-related nausea is best treated with an over the counter medicine called pyridoxine and adding doxylamine with pyridoxine  may help even more.  Ginger also helps.
  •  Those with migraine headache-associated nausea may best be treated with metoclopramide (Reglan).
  • For pregnancy related hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme condition of vomiting and dehydration), ondansetron (Zofran) works great.

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