Free vasectomies at UNR
What picture did you expect?

Free vasectomies at UNR. Yep! You read that right.

The University if Nevada Reno School of Medicine (UNRSOM) is offering men (over 18 years old) who want permanent sterilization a free vasectomy.

UNRSOM is known for offering free clinic days through the Student Outreach Clinic (SOC). The SOC has medical students seeing patients with the oversight of full-fledged physicians. The free vasectomies will be done by a licensed physician with UNRSOM medical students observing and assisting.

A vasectomy is a minor outpatient procedure that blocks the sperm from reaching the semen. Vasectomies take between 15 and 45 minutes to perform and often costs $500 to $3000. Vasectomies are a highly effective birth control option (99% effective) that is permanent, takes less than an hour, and (in this case) free!

I’d say that is a win-win for local men who desire permanent sterility.

What should men expect after a vasectomy?

  • They should have a driver and someone who can help with tasks (driving and heavy lifting).
  • I suggest resting for the next 2-3 days.
  • Apply an ice pack intermittently on top of the underwear helps decrease swelling and therefore discomfort.
  • Do not bathe for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure to let the small incision sites heal.
  • Intercourse can be resumed after a week, but expect to use birth control until the semen analysis done at 3 months (and about 20 ejaculations after the vasectomy to clear the ducts of sperm) after the procedure shows NO sperm. No live sperm and no dead sperm (because were the dead sperm actually alive immediately after ejaculation?!).

When sex is resumed, the male should feel no differently than before. Vasectomies do not affect libido. There is no link between vasectomy and prostate or testicular cancer or heart disease. There will be ejaculate, just no sperm in the seminal fluid. Again, a win-win.

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