Hypothyroidism. What is it? Why is it important?

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Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid gland produces inadequate thyroid hormone production. 

Why is this important?  I consider the thyroid the gas pedal of the body.  The body needs get-up-and-go to function well.

How prevalent is hypothyroidism?  It affects one in 300 people in the US.

Who is at risk for hypothyroidism?  Women (7 times more than men), those with autoimmune issues, and older patients

What are the symptoms? Fatigue. Weight gain. Constipation. Dry skin. Intolerance to cold. Voice changes.

Should you be screened for hypothyroidism?  If you feel fine, the guidelines are to NOT to check thyroid labs. 

What happens to hypothyroid pregnant patients?  Women who are pregnant need to have their thyroid labs checked.  Pregnant women often need their weekly dosage increased by 30%.

How to replace thyroid hormones?  It’s easy!  Take a pill daily.  It is best to take the pill on an empty stomach and no food within 30 minutes of medication ingestion.

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