Bone health

I’ve seen three fractures in the past week.  This makes me think of bone health: how to make (AND  KEEP) strong bones.

Good nutrition is important!

  • Calcium 1000 mg a day for children through adulthood.  Milk with every meal is suggested (chocolate or “strawberry” milk count, too).  Postmenopausal women need 1500 mg a day.  More than 2000 mg a day can cause problems.
  • To best absorb the calcium, the body needs vitamin D.  800 IU a day is sufficient.

Peak bone mass occurs by age 30.  After that, it’s all downhill (bone mass, that is).

Looking for ways to keep your bones dense?

  1. Do weight-bearing exercise
  2. Maintain a normal weight
  3. Do not smoke
  4. Maintain healthy eating habits: no anorexia or radical weight loss


Other questions. . .

Carbonated colas?  They may decrease bone mass but experts think this is because the amount of other nutritional foods is decreased.

Caffeine?  There is no evidence that it decreases bone mass

Depo-Provera shot for birth control?  Studies show that it decreases bone density but there is no evidence that it increases the risk of fractures.  Studies also show that the body increases bone mass after the Depo is stopped.  The FDA has a warning on the Depo shot and it is now suggested to be used if other contraceptive methods fail.

I hope this helps.

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