Watery eyes. . .

We are embarking on (one of) Wichita’s allergy seasons.  But, are your watery eyes from allergies?  It could be from a foreign body (think dust, dirt in the wind, or an errant fingernail. . . ouch!).

When my patients come in with these symptoms, I check to make sure there are no scratches on the surface of the eye, as that treatment is different.

If it is from allergies, the thin lining covering your eyeball and the inside of your eyelids can become irritated, red and swollen.  Your eyes may also itch, hurt or water.  If this is due to an allergy, indeed it is NOT contagious. It will not damage your eyesight.

To decrease these symptoms, you’ll need to avoid the allergen.  Close your doors and windows.  Use an air conditioner in the summertime.

If you still need more help, there are steroid nasal sprays and anti-allergy medication (pills or eye drops) that may help.  Placing a cold washcloth over your eyes may help the itch.  Artificial tears may help bathe the eyes and alleviate symptoms.

Hope this helps.

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