Sandal weather is almost here!

Time to get those feet sandal-ready!  Warts?  Corns?  Bunions? Hammertoes?  Those are pretty ugly words. . . but there are things I can do to help.

Plantar warts are warts (from a virus) that infect the feet.  They are common, especially in children to young adults.  I am frequently asked, and every time I say,” No, I do not cut them out.”  Cutting can cause scar tissue to form on the bottom of the foot which may lead to long-term pain with walking.  Salicylic acid is effective, as is (surprisingly enough) duct tape!  Before starting have your doctor pare down the wart so the therapy is more effective.

Corns are areas of thickening of the skin where the feet rub against a shoe.  Above all else, avoid shoe pressure.  Pads or shoes with large toe-boxes work well.

Hammer toes are when the toes curl up at the joint and rub against the top of shoes.  Depth shoes are available to give extra height to let the hammer toes not rub.

Stress fractures may seem to happen after an injury, but may be due to overuse (like too much marching in the military or too  much time on the treadmill).  An xray may help diagnose this.  Protect the stress fracture with a specially made shoe or stiff-soled shoe.

“Pump bumps” also known as Hagland’s deformity are from rubbing of the heel on a hard shoe.  Sandals may help, or elastic socks and occasionally an injection near (not on) the tendon.

Plantar fascitis is a common condition when the first step of the day is the worst.  An xray may show a heel spur.  This is treated with specific stretches, custom orthotics (shoe inserts), daytime Cam Walker, night splint and occasionally an injection.

Hope this helps.

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