Fighting sleep?

As we age we sleep differently.  We continue to need the same amount of sleep, but our sleep patterns may change. 

Sleep needs vary among individuals.  Some do well on five hours of sleep per night, others need 9 hours.  As life gets busy, you may not pay attention to your personal sleep signal.   You may still need your same number of hours of sleep per night even if you don’t make time for it.

Best solution to help induce sleep is simple.  Turn off lights, shut eyes, relax… and go to sleep.

There can be conditions which inhibit sleep like restless leg syndrome, obstructive sleep apnea, muscle cramps, and even heart or lung conditions.  A thorough physical exam will help reveal if there is a complicating factor for insomnia.

Hints:  get 30 minutes of sunlight daily (this will help to wake up your body at the appropriate time and help the body stay on your “clock”).  Exercise daily.  In bed, only have sex or sleep.  No TV or screens near bedtime (as this may stimulate your brain and make sleep more difficult).


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