Mindless weight loss

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flickr.com/ photos/ reallyboring/ 2860775800

This would be great, right?  Well, if you use the following rules, then you will mindlessly eat less and may lose weight.

keep kitchen counters clear.  The only exception is you can keep a bowl of fruit in sight.  There should be no visible snack food, no nuts, no bread, not even breakfast cereal in sight.  When there is food in sight, we tend to nibble.  And, the nibbling adds up.

To trick yourself into drinking less wine, use taller white wineglasses.  The shape of the glass and the red-color of red wine help us drink less.  If it is easier to see we pour “9 percent less red wine.”

Sit in well-lit areas of restaurants (near windows or doors) as we tend to eat less when we can see our food better.  Also, ask for a doggie bag and take 1/2 your meal to go.  It’s best to ask for this before you are even served.

Keep fruit on the top shelf of the refrigerator.  When good-for-us food is at eye-level we are more likely to  opt for this instead of more caloric options.

Make environmental changes so that you are not tempted.  You’ll just eat less.

Brian Wansink Ph.D. has penned a new book “Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life.” He is an entertaining writer and impeccable researcher.  Enjoy!

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