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Vaccine law in California…

My new medical home is about 15 miles from California and their laws affect my practice.  I am acquainting myself with the new California law regarding requirements of school vaccines. California Governor Jerry Brown signed off on one of the … Continue reading

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Should you give Tylenol before vaccines?

  No. Pretreatment of vaccines with Tylenol could actually BLUNT the immune response to the given vaccine. The CDC has released a statement that there are no good studies to support GIVING Tylenol before vaccines. So, I would advise refraining … Continue reading

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Should Tylenol be given before vaccines?

Probably not. Here’s why… There was a 2010 study that showed that Tylenol given before vaccines can actually BLUNT the immune response to the given vaccine.  The CDC has since released a statement that there are basically no good studies … Continue reading

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Pregnant? You need a Tdap!

Tdap is a vaccine–containing tetanus and pertussis.  A new immunization schedule recommends that a dose of the Tdap vaccine be given to all women during each pregnancy, whether or not she has received the vaccine before.  This is a change! … Continue reading

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What should I bring when going to the doctor?

The well-heeled patient comes to the office with information about themselves, their family, and some paperwork!  All of these allow me to care for you more fully at that visit, while we are face-to-face. Immunization status.  This is important for children for their … Continue reading

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