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Dry eye symptoms increase with age and may be as high as 30% in those older than 50. Women are more likely to have dry eyes than men. Other risk factor for dry eyes are contact lens use, medications like antihistamines (allergy medicines) or SSRI (common antidepressant and antianxiety medications), tobacco use, diabetes, and history of ophthalmic surgery.

What are symptoms of dry eyes?

Eye irritation, sensation of foreign body in the eye, excessive tearing, and altered vision.

What is first line treatment? Artificial tears.

Other than that… there was a recent study showing that fish oil supplementation may be helpful for the treatment of dry eyes. The study participants took 15 fish oil pills per day. 15 pills sounds a bit excessive, but certainly, the lowest dose that works for you would be best.

What to do about the “fish burps?” Fish oil pills often make the patients belch up fish tasting secretions. If you keep the fish oil pills in the freezer and swallow them frozen, this decreases the fishy burps.

Hope this helps.

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