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Great editorial on the changing medical times…

Great editorial on the changing medical times… In a recent Family Medicine journal one physician poetically writes about that contemporary medical practice is a continuous process of updating medical practices and frank change.  “Choosing Wisely” is a new practice which … Continue reading

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Traveling soon? See your family doctor for pretravel medical advice!

Pre-travel medical consultation will review many aspects of your trip– your destination, itinerary, medical history, immunization history and other details.   The best time to be seen is 6 weeks before departure to maximize benefit of immunizations and other preventive measures. Did … Continue reading

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Fecal transplant, anyone?!

Fecal transplant, anyone?  Yes, this is a viable treatment.Fecal transplantation is used to treat an intestinal infection called Clostridium difficile or “c. diff.” The clinical spectrum of C. difficile infection can vary from asymptomatic or mild diarrhea all the way … Continue reading

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Are you a woman with fibroids?

  Are you a woman with fibroids?  What are they?  Why do you have them?  What can you do about them? Fibroids are a common benign neoplasm.  They are more common in older women and African American women.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Family medicine may be getting a shot in the arm!

Family medicine draws more interest among medical students than any other subspecialty.  12% of medical students plan to pursue family medicine specialization after medical school graduation.  Hooray! Said in another way, only 5% of medical students rated their family medicine … Continue reading

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Do you like sugary drinks?

Sugar-sweetened beverages are now linked with a 27% increase in visceral adipose tissue, (meaning fat).  Also, sugar-sweetened drinks are linked with cardiovascular diasease and type 2 diabetes.  There is a growing body (…pun intended!) of literature showing that these beverages … Continue reading

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Migraines may increase stroke risk

A new study out that reviewed 11,663 older adults (average age 59) showed that patients with migraine with aura were at an increased risk of cardioembolic strokes.  This study followed over 11,000 people for 18 years and those with migraine WITH … Continue reading

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