Does your sore throat need a throat culture? /5661813945/ /5661813945/

Most likely not.  We, physicians, often check to make sure that your sore throat isn’t “strep throat.”   We specifically check for strep as there can be complications if the streptococcus isn’t treated with an antibiotic. The good news is that our rapid strep test is 86% sensitive and 96% specific.  As far as medical tests go, the rapid antigen test is highly effective in identifying and excluding strep.

It is thought that the rapid strep test is sensitive enough (and the likelihood or rheumatic heart disease is low enough) to stop the long-held practice of confirming negative rapid test results with a culture.  This is suggested as rheumatic heart disease due to group A streptococcal infections has “all but disappeared in wealthy countries” says Lancet (a medical journal 2012; 379 (9819): 953-964).

Food for thought…

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